Changtang-Lake Dhangra-Mt. Targo Trek

Changtang-Lake Dhangra-Mt. Targo Trek

Changtang Lake Dhangra Mt. Targo trek starts and ends at the Nepal/Tibet border, combining the famous Changthang Plateau, inhabited by numerous wild animals such as wild yaks, donkeys, blue sheep, antelopes, foxes, wolves etc. On the trek, there is a great opportunity of confronting closely these animals. As well as a great view of a side of Nyenchen Thangla Mountain, (7111m) the second longest mountain range after the Great Himalaya and Lake Dhangra and Mount Targo those are sacred spots for Bon followers who walk around the lake anticlockwise. Lake Dhamra is one of the largest lakes in Tibet and is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains.

Trip Facts:

Country: Tibet autonomous region
Destination: changtang Lake Mt. Targo
Activities: Sightseeing, Jeep drives & Trekking
Start/End: Lhasa / Kathmandu
Trip Duration: 34 Days 
Accommodation: All accommodation will be in tents.
Max. Altitude: 5220 Meters
Group Size: Min. 02 / Max.15

Trip Grade: Moderate + challenging
Cost: Please contact us

Changtang-Lake Dhangra-Mt. Targo Trek

Day 1: KTM - Nyalam. Guest house
Day 2: Nyalam to Old Dingri (4390m) and have acclimatization in the afternoon. Guest house or Camp
Day 3: Early morning, enjoy the view of Mount Everest if the weather is good and then drive to Lhatse. Camp. We will prepare for our trek from here and start the trek towards Chaptrang.
Day 4: Trek to Chaptrang (6hrs). Camp
Day 5: Trek to Phuntsok Ling monastery (6-7hrs) Camp Visit Phuntsok ling monastery on the same day
Day 6: Trek to Tangna (5-6hrs). Camp
Day 7: Trek to Lingo (6/1/2hrs). Camp
Day 8: Trek to Tong (7-8hrs). Camp
Day 9: Trek to Dhira (8hrs). Camp
Day 10: Trek to kakthing (5hrs). Camp
Day 11: Trek to Sapsee (5/1/2hrs). Camp
Day 12: Trek to Dakma Linka (5hrs). Camp
Day 13: Trek to Low (5/1/2hrs). Camp
Day 14: Trek to Camp A of Chang Lha Pola (6-7hrs). Camp
Day 15: Trek to Tserok (9-10hrs). Camp
Day 16: Trek to Base of Chang Lha Pola (8/1/2hrs). Camp
Day 17: Trek to the top of Chang Lha pola (5572m) and cross ChangLha Pola (8-9hrs). Camp
Day 18: Trek to Targo River, known as Targo Tsangpo in Tibetan (9hrs). Camp
Day 19: Trek to Sommai Que (4hrs). Camp
Day 20: Trek to the below of Tingla Pass (4hrs). Camp
Day 21: Trek to Targo Tsangpo (4/12hrs). Camp
Day 22: Start Lake Kora/Trek to Camp A of Lake Dhangra Yungtso (7-8hrs). Camp
Day 23: Trek to Camp B of Lake Dhangra (6-7hrs). Camp
Day 24: Trek to Camp C of Lake Dhangra (8hrs). Camp
Day 25: Trek to Camp D of Lake Dhangra (9-10hrs). Camp
Day 26: Trek to Camp E of Lake Dhangra (8hrs). Camp
Day 27: Trek to Camp F of Lake Dhangra (8/1/2hrs). Camp
Day 28: Trek to Camp G of Lake Dhangra yungtso (7/1/2hrs). Camp
Day 29: Trek to camp H of Lake Dhangra (9hrs). Camp
Day 30: Trek to Sezhick monastery (8-9hrs). Camp
Day 31: Trek to Sommai Qu (8-9hrs). Camp
Day 32: Drive to Sangsang Town. (230km)
Day 33: Drive to Old Dingri. Guest house (300km)
Day 34: Drive to Zhangmu - Kathmandu

Notice: Participants of the trip must keep in mind that this is an adventure journey that takes you into one of the remotest corner of the Tibetan plateau where many unexpected and unpleasant events may contribute to the need for a change in the itinerary. Depending on the prevailing situation, the itinerary can be modified to some extent after consulting with your guide. However, the date of tour conclusion should always coincide with the original plan.

Why choose us?

Mission Eco Trek aware that there are many companies seeking your business as you plan your adventure holidays in the Nepal Himalayas. We believe we offer the very best value for money and take your safety, comfort and ultimate holiday experience very seriously.

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Tour Cost:

In order for us to quote you the cost, please write us with number of members in your group, type of vehicles you want and the category of hotels you would like to stay in.

Flight Fare:

We provide you ktm-lhasa or Lhasa-ktm air tickets along with tour packages but the price are not fixed always, so please ask before booking your trip. Also if you wish to fly from Beijing to Lhasa and want a help from our side to book the air ticket then contact us and let us know your desire date, our ticketing officer will provide you entire details within 24 hours.

Train Fare:

You can take a train journey from any parts of Mainland china to Lhasa. Let us know from which city you want to come to Lhasa by train then we will provide you train fare with all necessary details. Contact us for more info on train.

Food on the trip

While staying in cities, every day's breakfast is included in the package. This will be a dish of Tibetan or continental origin cooked by the lodgings you stay at. Lunch, dinner and any extra food are up to you; as a rough guide, budget Yuan 60 to Yuan 100 (US$10 to US$16) per day.

During the camping, your cook will provide 3 tasty, plentiful and nutritious meals daily with a variety of local and Western dishes. To start the day, breakfast consists of a choice of porridge, muesli and cereal followed by omelets, fried or scrambled eggs with chapattis or bread. Lunch is generally a selection of salad, cooked vegetable dishes, pasta and traditional breads. After a long day on the trail, dinner is a hearty 3 course meal - soup, followed by a variety of vegetable, meat, rice and pasta dishes and completed with a simple dessert. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also provided at all meals.

We use as much fresh produce as possible and our cooks and kitchen crew maintain exceptional standards of cleanliness and food preparation hygiene. Special dietary requirements can always be catered for.


Keep in mind that you are traveling overland to highest plateau in the world; the drive goes constantly above 5000m during your journey except Lhasa (3,650m). Driving fast in such an elevation could cause medical conditions (Acute Mountain Sickness) which could be fatal. There is 50% less oxygen compared to sea level in high-altitudes places like in Tibet. The higher the altitude the less is the oxygen in air. Your body needs few days to acclimatize to this less oxygen environment. Although we provide enough information regarding AMS precaution matters, if you get AMS, we do not have other options to treat it other than medication. We advise specially the guest(s) with known heart or lungs or blood diseases to consult their doctor before traveling. Mild headaches, fever, loss of appetite or stomach disorder are symptoms of AMS.

Clothing & Equipment

During the day a light shirt or jumper and lightweight pants will be suitable, but a warm fleece or down jacket is recommended for the evenings. Sleeping bags for trip also highly recommended. Comprehensive list of equipments will be provided by Mission Eco Trek once you book your trip.

Guide and Staffs arrangements

Throughout your time in Tibet you will be accompanied by an experienced English speaking Tibetan guide who will not only act as an interpreter but will also provide valuable insights into the Tibetan way of life. All our Tibet trips are run in cooperation with our Tibetan counterpart, so you can be assured that authentic local touch.


Before joining a tour, we recommend you to take a travel insurance which should cover cancellation, medical expenses and emergency repatriation.

Rescue & Evacuation

In case of a serious sickness or a casualty, which we hope will not happen, you shall be transferred to the nearest hospital. Since you are entirely liable for all the expenses incurred in evacuation please make sure that it is covered by your insurance before assigning for it or be prepared to pay on your own.

Further Information

Our homepage contains as much information as possible about this trip. However, if you have any questions regarding trip, please feel free to contact us. We answer all enquiries within 24 hours. If you want to book a trip, you can send us an email or contact us directly by phone: 0977 98510 23742 (Jitendra), 0977 98510 23758 (Thakur).


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